Shower Repair

Our Non-Invasive Leak Detection

We treat your house like it’s our own. Our non-invasive leak detection is a no-damage approach to diagnosing your plumbing issues. It allows us to report to you the exact repair measures we recommend prior to starting any work. Our leak detection service includes:

    1. Static Pressure Test – checks for internal leaks in the pipework
    2. Flood Test – checks for leaks in the base of the shower
    3. Tracer Dye Test – checks waterproofing membrane, shower screen, caulking and drain pipe)
    4. Visual inspection – checks tapware


Shower Repair

Water pressure

Valve operation

Water heaters

Backflow testing

Diagnose Your Issue

Our experience and state of the art equipment, including thermal imaging, a moisture reader, static pressure gauge, and tracing dye; mean we are able to diagnose and repair any problems you may have with your shower. Repairs are essential, and when carried out right, will last you for years to come, ensuring your future maintenance costs are minimised and your home is protected against further damage.

    1. Leaking tapware
    2. Leaking shower screen or caulking that has broken seal
    3. Leaking pipes in your roof, wall or floor cavities
    4. Failed waterproofing membrane

We are able to quickly and efficiently diagnose the above problems thanks to our professional leak detection service.

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